Founded in September 2016, Turnup.Travel is a tour operator & travel concierge that adds a different twist to contemporary marketing, using novel techniques in photography & videography to attract the modern-day traveller. The modern-day traveller has a wide range of tools to use in choosing their next destination, among them unfettered access to social media. Through social media and our ecosystem of content creators, we develop content such as blog posts, trending campaigns, HD photos and professional videos to appeal to this new age of travellers for whom traditional marketing methods just don’t make the cut anymore. We seek to collaborate with you in marketing your tourism product by creating content that will give you an edge in this fiercely competitive industry.


Past Deal

Rusinga Festival

from KES 30,500 *pps
Past Deal

Explore Lamu Flying Package

from KES 49,250 *pps
Past Deal

Emirates Dubai 7s Flying package

from KES 101,710 *pps
Past Deal

Olpejeta Takeover Adventure

from KES 8,500 *pps